Schooling Ain't Learning in Europe - Interactive Figures

Interactive figures related to the article "Schooling Ain't Learning in Europe: A Club Convergence Perspective" (Glawe and Mendez 2022, accepted for publication by Comparative Economic Studies).

Figure 3: Transitional paths for schooling and learning

Notes: Schooling is measured as mean years of total schooling across all education levels. Learning is measured using test scores for the age group between 15 to 19 years. For both indicators, the sample includes 28 European countries.

Figure A.1: Dynamics of per-capita income in EU countries

Notes: Consistent with the methodology of Phillips and Sul (2007a), the long-run trends of GDP per capita are computed using the HP filter with a smoothing parameter of 400.

Figure B.1: Convergence Clubs in Learning

Figure 5: Spatial distribution of the convergence clubs in learning

Notes: NaN indicates divergent countries.